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U.Va. Nursing School Receives a $693,000 Grant to Study Digital Storytelling

October 5, 2010

I ran across this interesting article and think it may well be worth watching to see what conclusions this study draws. It would be interesting to see if a community project using digital storytelling might facilitate healing.  I’ve posted a clip about the grant below.

University of Virginia nursing professor Emily Hauenstein, director of U.Va.’sSoutheastern Rural Mental Health Research Center, has received a $693,000National Institute of Mental Health grant to evaluate whether digital storytelling can ease these depressive symptoms.

Under the grant, 25 women in rural Virginia will tell their stories, identifying significant life events. They then will consider those events as they create a different, more optimistic narrative moving forward that will result in a short, personal story in movie form.

Rural women may feel as if they have few options to change their life circumstances, Hauenstein said. They work hard , may experience difficult childhoods,  suffer more illnesses and may not be exposed to many opportunities.

In addition to considering what makes them feel sad or blue, participants will be encouraged to “also look at the positive and what makes them happy,” she said. “Women who have this kind of emotional experience may not recall both positive and sad moments in their lives. So we try to find the pieces of the story that are lost or that they are not emphasizing enough and that ultimately may help them understand how they feel now.” More…

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