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Technology in the classroom

October 9, 2010

This is an interesting article about a school district embracing new technology, which includes all the obstacles they encounter, from teacher resistance to budget issues.

(Pictured left) Connie Gray, last year’s Anderson School District Three teacher of the year, uses an Amazon Kindle electronic book under a digital visual presenter to show a page from a book at Flat Rock Elementary School in Anderson.

In the library of Flat Rock Elementary School in Starr, students gather around on the floor to listen to media specialist Connie Gray read.

Under dimmed lights, she pulls out not a picture book, but her Kindle. Using an electronic device called an ELMO, which projects the page from the Kindle on to her Smart Board, Gray reads to the class. Standing beside the small handheld device, she virtually flips pages and uses the projector to zoom in on photographs.

All the children lean forward and in an instant everyone can see the page.

It is illuminated over their heads on a large screen. There’s no waving an opened book from side to side and pausing with the hope that everyone will get a chance to see the illustrations.

This is the classroom of the 21st century.

And as Smart Boards replace chalk boards and PowerPoint presentations replace mimeographed copies, technology is the new tool teachers have to engage their students.

But as budgets shrink, school districts are working to maintain the new equipment and technology, as well as upgrade devices as they become obsolete almost as fast as they became available. More…

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