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From Analog to Digital – Oral History Transcripts

October 19, 2010
Samples of Final Proccessed
Oral History Transcriptions

This article is from the Smithsonian Collections blog and was written by Pamela M. Henson, Institutional History DivisionSmithsonian Institution Archives:  Pamela writes, “How do you digitize tens of thousands of pages of paper without any extra staff or funding?  It’s a daunting task but we’re almost done with our project.  In an earlier blog, I talked about how we are digitizing analog magnetic tapes in the Smithsonian Institution Archives Oral History and Videohistory Collections.  We are also digitizing our transcripts of these interviews, for both preservation and access/reference purposes.  We want to ensure that existing word processing files are preserved in a format that archivists will be able to access for decades to come.  We also plan to prepare electronic reference copies to deliver to researchers and make available on our website.  We have well over 20,000 pages of transcript in our collection, so this is a challenging task.” More…

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