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100+ Online Resources That Are Transforming Education

January 8, 2011

Here’s another digital basketful of goodness from those folks at Mashable/Tech.  In this post, Mashable brings the reader through nine clusters of education tech companies. Since digital companies are being developed and innovating at record speed, it’s always good to take a look at what’s out there. To pique your interest, I’ve cut and pasted the first few paragraphs below.

Yury Lifshits is working on algorithms and prototypes of new services at Yahoo! Research. Before that he was teaching university courses in the U.S., Germany, Russia and Estonia. He blogs at yurylifshits.comand publishes his teaching materials at

Education technology has become a busy space in recent years. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates continue to push the envelope with enormous philanthropic gifts toward education reform; was traded at a $1 billion plus valuation; and Google is putting millions into education tech sites like KhanAcademy. At Mashable, you’ve read about social campaigns for educationgaming in education and free educational resources.

With so many startups on the scene, it is easy to get lost. Fortunately, most innovation is centered around a short list of fundamental ideas. In this post, we’ll walk through nine clusters of education tech companies. MORE….

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