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Anthony Rotolo: Companies, and schools, need a strategy for social media

February 22, 2011
Anthony Rotolo, shown in Hinds Hall, teaches social media at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. photo by David Lassman/The Post-Standard


Anthony Rotolo teaches social media at Syracuse University and is the school’s social media strategist. SU is a leader in social media, as one of the first to use the location-based check-in site Foursquare and the 140-character message site Twitter. In both cases, SU is ranked as one of the most influential universities along with academic giants like Stanford and Harvard.

Anthony Rotolo provides an interesting  interview regarding the use of social media in companies and education from K-12 to the university.  When asked, “What’s the next step in social media as an educational tool?” Rotolo says, “To begin to find ways to adopt these tools in a positive way in the K-12 environment and in the college environment. By banning them, by treating them as if they’re kind of outside the norm, we’re really doing students a disservice … not giving them the opportunity to understand how to evaluate information that comes through in a social stream, how to determine credibility of information, how to organize information as they receive it. These are digital literacy skills that students must have.

When you want into a classroom these days, whether it’s college or whether it’s K-12, you walk into an environment almost completely devoid of the tools that kids use when they leave that building. I think the more leadership we can see in that area of beginning to adopt these technologies in positive, valuable ways, the better we’ll be doing for our kids and for their education.”…MORE…

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