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Teachers fight back against being ‘YouTubed’

August 26, 2011

This is an interesting article posted on the Winnipeg.ctv website that describes a disturbing new trend where students intentionally provoke and film their teachers and then post it on YouTube. Some of the videos include rants against the teachers, threats, slander and more. While some teachers are trying to include more social media in the classroom, this new trend has troubling implications. I have included a portion of the article below.

In one video a student rails against his teacher, explaining how much he “hates her” due to her “boring lessons.”

In another the message is more ominous, with the teenage student venting about his 11th grade science teacher and saying “I don’t even care if she sees this.”

He added, “I despise this lady. I never knew I could hate anybody this much,” before brandishing a knife and making stabbing motions towards the camera.

It’s called being “YouTubed” and the Internet is full of hundreds of videos of students either badmouthing their teachers or provoking them to explode in class, then recording the fireworks and posting it to the Web.

And parents have also gotten in on the action, posting videos where they verbally attack their kids’ teachers or post allegations against them. MORE.

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