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3 Tips for Teachers using Social Media in the Classroom

August 30, 2011

I found this article on Mashable, one of my favorite sites for all things digital and technological. The post is written by Dan Klamm, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Syracuse University Career Services. Klamm leads social media engagement at Syracuse and has some no-nonsense things to say about adding social media to the classroom. Klamm writes:

Social media opens up all new avenues of communication for college students, their classmates and their professors. A typical class may only take a few hours a week, but now with social media, the classroom can be a lively, 24/7 experience. Professors are more accessible, often clarifying assignments via Twitter or sharing content on their blogs.

Students benefit from these extra communication channels. They can process information and contribute to class discussions at their own pace. They can more easily ask questions of their peers and professors.

This new layer of conversation also raises questions about appropriate boundaries, such as whether students and teachers can connect online as “friends.” The state of Missouri recently took a stand, declaring Facebook friendships between students and teachers illegal.

But that shouldn’t discourage the opportunities presented by social media in the classroom. Here are some guidelines for educators using social media effectively while maintaining professional boundaries.

Klamm goes on to describe three tips to use when considering when, where and how to use social media in the classroom:

1. Survey Your Students About Social Media

2. Utilize Groups and Communities

3. Establish Clearly Communicated Boundaries

Click here, for Klamm’s full post.

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