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5 Best Practices for Educators on Facebook

December 5, 2011

Every once in a while I run across a new article about how to use or whether we should be using Facebook in an academic setting. This particular article, written by describes five–productive–ways teachers are using the social media platform in schools and provides several other platforms that can be used with children under 13.  I’ve included the introduction to pique your interest.

Facebook’s roots may be planted in college campuses, but classrooms have not welcomed the social network as eagerly as their students have. Once a Harvard startup open only to college students, Facebook has been pegged as a waste of time, a classroom disruption and a bad habit that is correlated with low grades. Missouri even went so far as to ban Facebook and other social media relationships between teachers and students (the law was later repealed).

But teachers such as Reynol Junco — who recently published a study that shows certain types of Facebook use are correlated with higher GPAs — are beginning to look at ways that they can use Facebook to their advantage.

“Students are already very familiar with the platform and spend a lot of time on the site,” Junco says. “Because of this, there is usually a good amount of activity [in class related Facebook discussions] because students receive notifications of new group posts in a timely fashion (something that doesn’t happen with Learning Management Systems).”

Click here for tips from Junco and other teachers on how to effectively use Facebook in the classroom.

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